Florida Undue Influence

Elderly and ailing individuals can often be vulnerable to the influence of others when it comes to matters of their wills. Whether by manipulation or coercion, some people create or change their wills out of fear, confusion or misinformation. There are any numbers of scenarios in these claims, but the guilty party is usually a family member, close friend, care giver or personal representative, such as a lawyer or accountant.

Was Your Family Member Manipulated Into Changing His Or Her Will?

If your loved one was the victim of undue influence and subsequently changed his or her will, Korshak & Associates, P.A., can help. We have been providing legal services to residents of central Florida for many years and have a solid track record of obtaining favorable outcomes in will contests.

Whether your family member has passed away or is still living, we can help. Our lawyers will begin the investigation by interviewing witnesses, assembling a timeline of the will creation and subsequent changes, and looking into any inconsistent facts. We will help you determine if your undue influence claim meets any of the factors necessary for proving illegal manipulation or coercion, such as:

  • The testator has a medical or mental problem that could make him or her vulnerable to undue influence.
  • The influencer lied to the testator.
  • The testator was kept isolated from family members or close friends.
  • The revised will was inconsistent with prior plans.
  • The beneficiary saw the will before the changes were made to his or her benefit.
  • The beneficiary participated in the drafting of the document.
  • The beneficiary instructed an attorney in the will creation or change.
  • The beneficiary was present when the will was executed.

There are numerous additional factors that a court may consider when hearing your case. Because each claim involves a different set of circumstances, it is best to contact our law firm to discuss the specifics of your matter.

When You Are Wrongly Accused Of Undue Influence

It is important to remember that not all influence is undue influence. The influence must rise to a level where the victim was coerced into putting someone else’s interests before his or her own. If you have been wrongfully accused of undue influence, let our lawyers help protect your beneficiary rights.

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