Attorneys Stephen Korshak and Lee Karina Dani

Working Shouldn’t Be A Struggle

Most people have to work; it is a fact of life. However, your work life shouldn’t have to be a source of anxiousness and anxiety. As an employee in the United States, you have certain rights; if an employer ignores those rights, you can take action.

We are lawyers who represent both employees and employers in employment law matters. At Korshak & Associates, P.A., we pride ourselves on offering a full-service civil litigation perspective on all the issues our clients bring to us.

Insightful Employment Law Services

As an employee, you sell your skills and labor at a price. The salary or wage you earn in that sale does not entitle your employer to your personal time or mental health. You have some power, and our attorneys are happy to explain how the law protects you in such situations as:

  • Noncompete agreements
  • Employment Contracts

It is within your rights to speak with an attorney about your issues at your workplace. We understand your rights under both federal and Florida law in regard to the struggles at work with both employers and co-workers.

Securing Your Business

We understand that there are two sides to each story and employment issue. While we often represent employees, we bring the insight acquired from that work to our practice for business owners. There are many requirements for employers under the law, but with us on your side, you can move forward assured that you are doing things the right way.

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