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Attorneys Fixing Issues With Quiet Titles

A quiet title action is necessary when a person has purchased a home that was in foreclosure and is bank-owned or was conveyed by a quiet title deed or tax deed. You may not realize that there is an issue with the title until it comes time to resell. If a title is in dispute, our lawyers can assist with the process.

At Korshak & Associates, P.A., we are highly experienced in the area of real estate litigation, title insurance matters, quiet title actions and more. We offer a wide range of services from our office in Orlando, and we are committed to providing our clients with personalized and quality legal services. Our goal is to resolve your dispute as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our Florida law firm has been a licensed title insurance agent for more than 30 years. Our attorneys have significant experience conducting title searches and issuing opinions. We also have relationships with major insurance underwriters, who can assist with steps of the process of issuing insurance.

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Quiet Title Actions

A quiet title is a lawsuit that an individual files when it is determined that there is some sort of defect or problem with the title on the individual’s house or real estate – for example, if a person wants judicial determination to show why a lien is not valid or that it is there by mistake.

If you have purchased a property with a tax lien, you must wait four years before you have a marketable title and can resell. However, if you do a quiet title, you will be able to resell the property much more quickly.

Quiet Title Matters In Commercial Real Estate

Homeowners are not the only property owners who may encounter the need for a quiet title action in Florida. In fact, commercial real estate investors may come across the same kind of issues with business properties as individuals who are purchasing a residence.

These lawsuits come into play when there is a problem or some kind of defect with the title to a particular unit of property – one that might not become known until you decide to resell it. We are experienced in corrective actions that need to be taken, such as seeking a judicial determination to remove a lien that was placed by mistake or otherwise is not valid.

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