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Discovery In Aid Of Execution

Korshak & Associates, P.A., offers a full range of collection services for individual and commercial clients throughout Central Florida. We are prepared to aggressively apply methods of asset seizure such as discovery in aid of execution. This is one way in which we force fulfillment of debt obligations that hinder your or your company’s financial stability.

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A debtor or obligee may have left you high and dry despite a court order or deal such as:

  • Asset division obligations in divorce
  • Contract fulfillment related to a business transaction
  • Unpaid residential property rent or commercial lease payments
  • Settlement of an estate per provisions of a will or trust
  • A personal injury judgment in your favor
  • Any civil litigation matter ruled in your favor (such as a property damage claim)

To help ensure that you receive payment due to you for any reason such as those listed above (“in aid of a judgment, decree, or execution,” according to Florida law), our firm can take the necessary steps to collect, including:

  • Obtaining discovery from a person or entity, such as a company
  • Completion of necessary court documents creating an obligation from the court for the person or entity in question to complete and submit the necessary fact information sheet (Florida Rule of Civil Procedure Form 1.977)

Accomplishing these objectives should bring to light a debtor’s or obligee’s assets. Knowledge of all assets facilitates execution of a judgment by way of garnishments, levies, foreclosures and other types of executions.

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