Attorneys Stephen Korshak and Lee Karina Dani

Guidance Through Guardianship And Property Issues

When you become a minor’s guardian, you have a great deal of power and responsibility related to their welfare. You are responsible for their care in many ways, but things can become complicated if the minor is the primary owner of significant assets.

At Korshak & Associates, our attorneys have extensive insight into guardianship issues in Florida. We are also well versed in commercial and business law. If you manage a minor’s property, you must have guidance on the issues at hand to avoid missteps that could leave you legally liable.

When Florida Requires A Guardianship

Under Florida law, some basic circumstances may require a guardian for a minor. Among those are minors who inherit property or receive a settlement. According to the Florida courts website, in these instances, a guardian is necessary.

A guardian for a minor’s property has the authority of a plenary guardian. This means they have vast control of the minor’s property and must act as a fiduciary. The guardian must always act in the best interests of their ward.

As this is a high legal standard, you have a lot at stake if the court appoints you as a guardian. We can work with you to ensure that you are doing your duty to manage the affairs of your ward within the law. We help you stay on top of your duties and protect yourself.

Skilled Guidance. Smart Advocacy.

Regardless of the challenges ahead of you and guardianship circumstances, we are here to help you. We have an extensive history with all aspects of guardian law and can guide you through these concerns with confidence and efficiency.

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