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You may need a nondisclosure agreement for protection


You may have a valid reason for sharing valuable company information. In fact, sometimes you have no choice but to do so. One of the best business decisions you can make is to protect confidential information through the use of a nondisclosure agreement, or NDA.

Why you need a nondisclosure agreement

Can you challenge your parent's will?


If you were shocked and dismayed when you discovered the contents of your recently deceased Florida parent's will, you may be questioning whether or not you should challenge it. The answer to that question depends on what grounds you think you have for the challenge.

As you might expect, just because you did not inherit exactly what you thought you would does not mean that you can mount a successful will challenge. After all, your parent owned the property and had the right to distribute it however he or she wished - with a few notable exceptions.

Domestication of foreign judgement cases: Attorney referrals


Obtaining a judgment against a defendant is a large enough task. But when the defendant has moved to Florida and you're practicing out of state, collecting on that judgment can be a difficult or impossible task.

Collecting on a foreign judgment can be a long and complicated task. A task that may be too time-consuming for many attorneys to even consider taking on.

Can the debt collector make me pay my deceased parents' debt?


You are beginning to make funeral preparations after your father's recent passing when you start getting calls from creditors and mail from debt collectors. It seems that your parents had a significant amount of debt, and now their creditors expect the heirs to pay.

How should you react to this unpleasant and confusing situation?

What is undue influence?


In Florida, a will may face a challenge if allegations arise that all or some of its provisions stem from undue influence on the testator. The law surrounding this issue contains many complexities, but it can help to read through a basic outline of relevant concepts.

Typically, these allegations happen when a testator leaves a disproportionate amount of assets to someone who is not a relative. Family members may claim that the testator would not have made such a provision unless the beneficiary exerted undue influence.

3 Myths about probate


Probate is an area of estate planning that is widely misunderstood. Many myths abound in this area of the law, and you should know how to separate fact from fiction.

Have a look at these three common myths about probate and see if you know the truth. When it comes to your estate planning, make sure you have the right information so you can make informed decisions.

What happens if your parent dies without a will?


Losing a parent is heartbreaking. The stress and sadness of the tragedy are even stronger when you find out there is no will. If there are no written instructions about how to distribute the estate, you are probably feeling a lot of confusion. 

You probably have no idea what to do about the belongings of your parent and may have concerns about who will get what. Here is a guide to what happens when someone dies without a will in Florida.

4 Legal issues you must consider for your business


Creating a small business is an exciting milestone in your life. However, in order to be successful, you must tackle legal issues head-on. If you neglect the necessary paperwork, you may face liabilities that could potentially put you out of business. 

Getting all the formalities figured out is not very fun or creative, but it is necessary. Here are some important legal considerations for your company. 

What licenses do you need for your Florida business?


Starting a business comes with a long to-do list, from coming up with a name to creating contracts. One of the items on that list is securing the licenses and permits you need to legally do business. Their purpose is to track transactions for taxes and to protect customers from unsafe or fraudulent actions.

There are so many licenses that you may not know which ones you need. Some are requirements for all Florida businesses, whereas others depend on the industry you are in, the products you offer and how far-reaching your company is geographically.

3 things you should know about Florida probate law


Probate is something you may not think about at all, but it can drastically affect how your family receives and manages your assets after you die. Preparing in advance for asset management is an essential way to avoid the probate process and keep control over your asset distribution.

Each state has different laws regarding the probate process. If you are a Florida resident, here are three things you should know about the laws regarding probate in your state:

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