Attorneys Stephen Korshak and Lee Karina Dani

Business Formations And Disputes

Establishing a business can be tricky. Businesses can encounter disputes that escalate quickly.

While the safest way to prevent business-related disputes is to start and operate a business the right way from the beginning, there are many circumstances which couldn’t be foreseen and but become so complex that it requires legal representation.

Wise entrepreneurs in central Florida seek the guidance of Korshak & Associates, P.A., as they form new businesses so that they can avoid as many future issues as possible. Our knowledgeable lawyers will take the time to explain all the most important aspects of business startups. We can help you through all phases of getting a fledgling business off the ground.

Should a complication arise, Korshak & Associates, P.A., represents business owners and professionals in litigation matters and business disputes.  Our team of attorneys handles issues involving internal business disputes among shareholders and members, as well as disputes between separate entities.

We are also experienced at resolving real estate disputes, which gives our firm a distinct advantage when handling cases involving real property. We examine the details of the dispute, identify the best strategy to pursue in the courtroom and provide assertive advocacy for our clients at all times.

Big Firm Resources, Neighborhood Prices

We offer the same experience of large law firms, but with the personal service of a boutique practice. We are proud to offer quality legal services that are affordable to our clients.

A Solution-Oriented Approach To Handling Business Matters

For businesses, disputes can involve a wide range of complex issues. One of the biggest challenges in a dispute may be the cost of resolving the issue. It is in your best interests to choose an attorney who has experience in the courtroom and a proven track record of resolving complicated disputes.

Our business litigation clients often comment on the level of quality of the legal services that our firm provides. Korshak & Associates is proactive, diligent and understanding in working with clients. He never compromises integrity or professionalism to get matters resolved quickly through settlement, yet he fully understands the importance of efficiency when handling business matters.

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To discuss your business startup plans in Florida or to speak with a lawyer about starting a resolving a business dispute, contact Korshak & Associates.

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