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High Net Worth Divorce And Complex Property Division

Divorce can be challenging, even if a couple doesn’t have a substantial amount of marital property. That said, those spouses sharing a comprehensive financial portfolio often come to find that property division is usually the most contested factor of their entire divorce.

Our Orlando high net worth divorce attorneys at Korshak & Associates, P.A., understand those complex legal obstacles you are up against. With more than 60 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys are equipped to assist you with your high-asset divorce and property division matters.

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Casselberry Property Division Attorneys Protecting What You Value Most

With law offices in Orlando and Casselberry, Florida, our law firm is both an accessible and a reliable source for individuals and families seeking legal advice and representation in divorce.

Florida divorce laws state that when you divorce, the property that you and your spouse own together must be divided equitably in divorce proceedings.

Often, high net worth couples and couples that have been together for several years and that have accumulated an extensive amount of valuable marital property run into more complicated complex property division matters involving:

  • Investment accounts
  • Real property (homes, commercial and investment property)
  • Personal property (jewelry)
  • Interest in respective companies
  • Family corporations
  • Retirement funds
  • IRAs
  • Pension plans

Division of this type of marital property and these assets is legally complicated, especially when business or property valuations need to be conducted.

Through mandatory disclosure, our attorneys can assess all assets, liabilities, income and expenses of both spouses in order to protect your rights and ensure division is equitable. We will also work with forensic accountants to discover assets that are not readily ascertainable. We can also help you understand what type of alimony may be awarded, depending on the length of your marriage, as well as other factors.

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