Attorneys Stephen Korshak and Lee Karina Dani

Attorneys Adept At Collecting On Judgments

Whether the judgment is the result of a court case adjudicated in Florida or in another state, collection efforts might prove complicated. To ensure you recover the money owed to you, it is crucial to work with an experienced attorney who can guide you through the collection process.

With more than 60 years of collective legal experience, the attorneys at Korshak & Associates, P.A., are prepared to represent Florida clients in even the most complex cases. Contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss your situation in greater detail.

It’s one thing to get a judgment against someone — another to collect on it.

In many instances, obtaining a successful judgment against someone who owes you money is the easiest step in the process. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for defendants to hide assets or simply refuse to follow the judge’s orders. With offices serving both northern and southern Florida, our lawyers will thoroughly examine the facts of your case.

Collection success is often the result of painstaking research and careful investigation. Whether we are uncovering hidden assets or pursuing other forms of enforcement, clients trust us to aggressively represent them every step of the way.

Enforcement of collections can include:

  • Wage garnishment
  • Bank levies
  • Property seizure
  • Foreclosure

If you are not receiving the debt payments ordered by a judgment, do not give up and do not attempt to take matters into your own hands. An experienced attorney can provide the assertive representation you need.

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