Attorneys Stephen Korshak and Lee Karina Dani

Helping Out-Of-State Guardians Navigate Florida Law

At Korshak & Associates, P.A., we have seen many types of guardianship situations. Our attorneys have over 60 years of combined experience helping Florida families deal with situations beyond their control. But what about guardians of wards outside of Florida who own property in Florida?

In a situation where your ward has Florida property, you need advice from a firm with local connections and knowledge. Korshak & Associates, P.A. has worked in all matters regarding guardianship, real estate and business law in Florida. We are unique and suited to guide you through your needs.

What You Will Get From Korshak & Associates, P.A.

We are here to help you resolve the questions you will have about your ward’s property under Florida law. The laws are complicated, but when you work with us, you will get:

  • Our undivided attention: We speak with each of our clients personally and build solutions that make sense for their situation. We pay attention to your concerns and help you manage what is ahead.
  • Our insight into the law: We have experience in many areas of the law that will be relevant to you. We understand guardianship law in Florida and business and real estate issues.
  • Our creativity and perseverance: A legal representative’s most important job is to solve legal problems for clients. We take immense pride in thoughtful, creative problem-solving for clients.

Our dedication to you and your goals is where we make a difference. We put your needs first and advocate for you as strongly as possible.

Get The Help You Need

Our offices are located in Orlando. If you’re not from Florida, we’ll meet with you online or by phone at 888-681-4389 to provide you with the necessary information. You can also email us to schedule a meeting.