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We Advocate For Your Family’s Needs

Protecting your loved ones from conflict is likely one of the most important priorities you have in your life. When a divorce or related issue arises, it is common for relationships between family members to become strained. For more than 25 years, attorneys at Korshak & Associates, P.A., have been assisting individuals and family members with a variety of family law matters.

A Comprehensive Family Law Practice

Our attorneys help clients from two convenient office locations, in Orlando, Florida. Our broad knowledge of Florida family law and our customized approaches have aided our clients in cases involving:

While some family law cases may need to be settled in the courtroom, our skilled trial attorneys have found that mediation has helped several parties successfully resolve their divorce, child custody and other issues.

It is common for domestic relations matters to be resolved through mediated agreements or marital settlement agreements. When both parties work together to reach a collective goal through mediation, they are often able to streamline and resolve important issues before going to a judge.

Grow Your Family With An Adoption

Adopting a child in Florida can be a complex process, depending on how you pursue it. If you are seeking a private adoption through an agency or an adoption through the state, we can help. The most common types of adoption, however, are family adoptions such as grandparent adoptions or stepparent adoptions. It is an admirable thing to take on the role of parent, and we can help you do it.

Paternity Actions

Whether you wish to claim your rights as a father or recover child support from your child’s biological father, we can help. Paternity is among the most difficult situations in family law, but we pursue these matters with thoughtfulness and care.

Do You Need To Change Your Name?

People’s names, both first and last, are very personal and can give a sense of identity. There are actually many other times when a name change becomes very important to an individual or family. However, the legal process to do so can be confusing and has varying requirements, depending on your specific circumstances.

We are ready to help you obtain a legal name change for any number of reasons, including:

  • A husband taking the wife’s name upon marriage
  • A wife taking the husband’s name long after the marriage has occurred
  • The adoption of a child
  • Dislike of a current name
  • Desire for a less or more ethnic name
  • Religious reasons
  • Same-sex partners wishing to have same last name
  • A person reverting to their maiden name long after a divorce
  • Transgender name change

If you or a family member wishes to secure a legal name change, now is the time to seek legal guidance to ensure a seamless process.

Our Clients Are Not Just Numbers

It’s easy to feel lost in the shuffle when working with a large law firm. Many clients report feeling like a transaction or a number – just another case. At Korshak & Associates, P.A., we understand the people behind the legal issue. Our clients are more than just numbers. We take their concerns very seriously and stay committed to helping them achieve the best possible outcomes.

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