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When To Obtain Guardianship In Florida

The ability to make their own decisions about health care and finances is something most adults take for granted. Respecting a person’s right to make those decisions, as long as he or she has the capacity to do so, is an important aspect of human dignity.

But what if someone is too young to make his or her own decisions or loses the legal capacity to make them due to mental or physical conditions? The answer is that Florida law allows for the creation of a guardianship in those cases.

At Korshak & Associates, P.A., we can guide you with confidence and skill through the process of establishing or contesting a guardianship. Over the years, clients have come to trust our lawyers’ ability to give sound advice and take effective action in these cases. From offices in Orlando and Casselberry, we serve clients throughout central Florida.

What Type Of Guardianship Is Involved In Your Case?

In Florida, there is actually more than one type of guardianship. Guardianship of a person is not the same thing as guardianship of property.

In practice, someone who has become incapacitated may need both of these types of guardianship. But the distinction between the two should be kept in mind. That is why we make sure to listen closely to your needs and goals before taking action to pursue them.

What are some of the real-life scenarios, then, that may prompt a need for a guardianship? One example is when a minor child inherits property. Another — one that could require both a guardianship of the person and of property — is when an elderly person has experienced significant mental decline.

In the case of an elderly person dealing with cognitive loss, it can be hard to know exactly when a guardianship is necessary. But we can help you determine whether a guardianship of person or of property is needed in your case. Our firm can also take the appropriate steps on your behalf to put the process for obtaining a guardianship in motion.

Contact A Respected Law Firm About Your Guardianship Issue

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