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Guardianship Of Property In Florida

Lack of legal capacity for a person to make decisions about his or her property can occur in several different settings. For minor children, their age is itself enough to make them lack capacity. For adults, physical or mental impairments can arise at any time. When those impairments become severe enough, it is time to consider guardianship as a way of protecting their property.

At Korshak & Associates, P.A., in Orlando, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through any decision you may face regarding guardianship of property. Our attorneys have earned the trust of clients throughout central Florida by acting with professionalism and dedication in these cases.

Can A Guardianship Ever Be Voluntary?

Though physical or mental impairments can happen to adults at any time, in many cases, it is the passage of time itself that brings the impairments about. Cognitive decline is a common occurrence in the aging process.

For some people, cognitive decline is also associated with some form of mental disorder. Alzheimer’s disease is the most notorious of these. But there are many forms of dementia that can impact someone later in life. This impact, in turn, can affect the ability to make decisions about medical care or managing property.

When the ability to make financial decisions has been compromised, a guardianship for a person’s property may be in order. Sometimes an older person may recognize this on his or her own and initiate a voluntary guardianship.

A voluntary guardianship is more flexible than an involuntary guardianship. It may be ended by the older person without court involvement.

Similarly, a financial power of attorney may be used effectively to protect someone’s property in appropriate cases. In other cases, however, an involuntary guardianship proceeding may be necessary.

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