How do I know if my vehicle is considered a lemon in Florida?

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Buying a vehicle often feels like a gamble. Especially when it comes to used vehicles, it can be very difficult for the average person to feel confident about the condition of the vehicle and the price they intend to offer for it.

For those with the credit or income to do so, buying a new vehicle is the best way to avoid the uncertainty that comes with a pre-owned purchase. When you buy a brand-new vehicle, you have every reason to expect that it will be in pristine condition and ready for you to enjoy as soon as you take it off the lot.

Unfortunately, some new car buyers in Florida realize shortly after a purchase that they have bought a lemon. What constitutes a lemon under Florida law?

Lemons have issues that dealerships cannot quickly correct

A lemon is any vehicle with a defect that a manufacturer or dealer cannot quickly and effectively repair. Typically, the defect has to be significant enough to affect the operation or safety of the vehicle. Additionally, the consumer has to give the dealership or manufacturer opportunities to correct the issue.

A lemon law claim is only possible after there have been three repair attempts to correct the same issue with the vehicle, only to have it continue recurring. Even then, the dealership has the right to make one final attempt to correct the problem. If they are still unable to repair the issue making the vehicle unsafe or difficult to drive, then the consumer can demand a replacement or request that the dealership buy back the vehicle.

Lemon Law claims quickly become contentious

Making uncompensated repairs on a vehicle and then eventually needing to reverse a sale or offer a replacement vehicle is an expensive problem for a manufacturer. Many businesses would prefer to avoid fulfilling their responsibilities to consumers if possible. They may even lie about the condition of the vehicle.

Those dealing with a vehicle that should be new but does not work perfectly may require support from a legal professional to bring a claim against the dealership that sold them a lemon. Learning more about the laws that protect Florida consumers and your right to civil litigation will make it easier to stand up for yourself when a purchase turns out to be different than you anticipated.