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Tenants of residential property in Florida do have rights

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Residential Real Estate |

There are a lot of times that tenants may feel they are getting walked on by their landlords. The truth of the matter is, Florida tenants of residential property — and commercial property for that matter — do have rights. When needed, legal assistance is available to help tackle any issues one may have with his or her landlord.

So, what are a tenant’s rights according to Florida laws? There are quite a few, actually. A few include:

  • Right to privacy
  • Right to peaceful possession
  • Landlords must give reasonable notice before entering the property
  • Property must inhabitable
  • Landlords must address issues in writing and give tenants adequate time to address the concerns

Those who feel that their landlords are violating these or any other rights afforded them according to the state of Florida may take legal action. Assistance for dealing with eviction notices can also be obtained. Timing is key when dealing with landlord disputes. Swift action is often recommended.

One’s home is a place of safety and sanctuary from the outside world. Not everyone has the ability to own their own property, though, leaving them to depend somewhat on landlords. Tenants of residential property in Florida do not have to be bullied by their landlords. Those who feel they are dealing with these types of situations can seek legal counsel to help address the issues. While such problems may take some time to resolve, it is possible for a tenant’s rights to be protected and for his or her best interests to be safeguarded.

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