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Get help with Florida commercial real estate title concerns

by | Feb 4, 2016 | Commercial Real Estate |

As the owner of a piece of real estate, have you come to find out that there is an issue with your property’s title? Most commercial real estate owners in Florida and elsewhere do not find out that there is a title issue until they attempt to resell the properties or until legal claims for the properties are filed against them. If a title issue is found, certain steps may be taken to swiftly resolve the situation.

Typically, any issues with a title are discovered at the title examination during the sale of a property. The process is not always perfect, though, and things may be missed. When a title defect is found, legal actions may be taken to correct the issue. This is called quiet title action.

Common title defects include having a lien mistakenly placed on a property, missing public records and disputes over actual property ownership. Quiet title actions can be taken to stop any claims made about the validity of a title, giving the owner the ability to do what he or she pleases with the property. To learn more about this and how an attorney can assist with your title issue, please visit our firm’s website.

A Title Examination Can Identify Errors

What exactly is a title examination? This is actually a fairly extensive process in which a person qualified to conduct the examination carefully reviews the history of the property, ensures it is ready for sale and checks for any restrictions which may have been placed on the property — among various other issues. Generally speaking, this is not something that is completed in a day.

When does a title examination take place? A title examination will occur after a property is placed under contract. For those looking to buy properties, this is something that should not be overlooked. Failing to conduct a thorough title examination could have a number of negative consequences for a buyer. If done properly, and issues are found, buyers should be able to back out of purchases before any damage is done.

There are just a few professionals that are legally able to perform a title examination in Florida. One such individual would be an experienced real estate attorney. Having strong representation on one’s side can prove invaluable when making such a sizable purchase. By seeking legal assistance before signing real estate contracts and closing on sales, buyers can protect themselves and their investments.

You Don’t Have To Overcome Real Estate Challenges Alone

When it comes to commercial real estate title disputes in Florida, some cases may require litigation, while others may be settled out of court — which is certainly desirable. Commercial real estate owners who have had claims filed over the validity of their property titles can employ an experienced attorney to investigate the issues. Further actions can then be taken in order to clear up the problem in a way that serves the client’s best interests.