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Domestication of foreign judgement cases: Attorney referrals

by | Aug 29, 2018 | Business Law |


Obtaining a judgment against a defendant is a large enough task. But when the defendant has moved to Florida and you’re practicing out of state, collecting on that judgment can be a difficult or impossible task.

Collecting on a foreign judgment can be a long and complicated task. A task that may be too time-consuming for many attorneys to even consider taking on.

Fortunately, there is a viable option for attorneys outside of Florida: Working with a local Florida attorney to help collect on a foreign judgment.

How we can help

Korshak & Associates has office in Orlando, Florida. We routinely work with out-of-state attorneys, as well as local attorneys who are working with out-of-state clients.

We can handle the entire domestication of foreign judgment process. This often involves a search for assets. Once a foreign judgment has been domesticated in Florida, it is as though the judgment were originally issued in Florida.

Working with a local Florida attorney can help free up your time, and allow you to focus on your core practice areas.

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