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An attorney can help during a residential real estate transaction

by | Nov 20, 2015 | Residential Real Estate |

When buying or selling residential real estate in Florida or elsewhere, one may think that all he or she needs is a real estate broker. While completing such transactions is the field of expertise for brokers, having an unbiased third-party representative is always a good idea. When finalizing a residential real estate transaction, having legal representation on one’s side can help ensure contracts are complete, all questions are answered and any potential legal issues are appropriately addressed.

Buying or selling a home is not a small thing. For those who are purchasing, a home is a big investment. In most situations, this is the largest purchase most individuals will make in their lifetimes. Unfortunately, a number of things can go wrong during the buying process.

One problem commonly seen during real estate transactions is that some real estate agents only use standard forms. Unfortunately, standard contracts fail to include things that may be required for specific properties. Signing a standard form can leave a buyer or seller in a vulnerable position and responsible for things for which he or she would not have been responsible had a custom contract been initially created.

If you are considering a residential real estate transaction in Florida, an experienced real estate attorney can be of assistance from the time you decide to buy or sell until the transaction is finalized. This help may come in the form of drafting custom contracts that are written with your best interests in mind. Additionally, an attorney can negotiate terms or help to resolve any issues that arise during the process.

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