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Commercial property owners may need help with zoning issues

by | Oct 15, 2015 | Commercial Real Estate |

Those who own commercial real estate in Florida may find that zoning issues can have a dramatic affect on what they are able to do with their properties. Fortunately, it is possible to seek a change in commercial property zoning, which can be done with the assistance of legal counsel. This is not something that is necessarily easy, but it can be well worth one’s time and effort.

Land is zoned for certain purposes and for good reason. Unfortunately, as land use often changes, there might be a need to address how zoning may need to be updated. A commercial property owner who wishes to request that zoning requirements be changed will need to file a variance or seek other permits in order to use the land as desired. It sounds simple enough, but such a request passes through several hands before a final decision is issued, and there is no guarantee that this type of request will be honored.

So, what happens after a variance is filed? After a variance request is received by the zoning board, nearby landowners are then given the ability to weigh in on the proposed zoning changes. A zoning examiner will evaluate the situation and hold a hearing if deemed necessary. A final determination will be made by the appropriate governing body.

While addressing zoning issues is something a commercial property can do on his or her own, there is something to be said for having experienced legal counsel on one’s side. A commercial real estate attorney who has knowledge of applicable zoning laws could prove to be a valuable commodity when fighting for zoning changes. At the end of the day, property owners in Florida should be able to utilize their land in ways that best suit their interests. Fortunately, help is available to make that a possibility.

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