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2 ways a judge can help resolve a breach of contract

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2022 | Business Law |

Maybe you signed a service agreement with a company that would place temporary workers at your facility, only to go weeks without the labor that you need. Perhaps you hired a company to update your company network, but they have not followed through with the project. You could find your business idling your production lines, temporarily shutting stores or facing penalties from other contracts your company can’t fulfill as a result.

A significant breach of contract when you have an agreement with another business can delay your company’s pending projects and cause financial issues. Sometimes, business owners and executives can resolve breaches of contract by reaching out to the other party. Mistakes or miscommunication may have contributed to the issue.

Other times, they have no choice but to go to civil court because the breach was intentional or the other party has no intention of correcting the issue. If you litigate a breach of contract issue, what solutions can a civil law judge offer you?

They can order specific performance

A judge has the authority to order someone to perform certain actions if they violate the law or fail to fulfill a contract. Specific performance can be an effective way for a judge to resolve a breach of contract issue that has cost your company money.

They can require that a company fulfill its contractual obligations or even perform additional services based on the issues caused by the previous breach or delay. Specific performance can be an ideal solution for those who would have trouble securing similar services or supplies from other companies in the area.

They can award you damages

One of the most important considerations in the breach of contract issue is how the failure of the other party may have caused losses for your business. When there are significant financial consequences for your business because of another organization’s failings, you can potentially take the other party to court and ask for damages. A judge can award you financial compensation for a penalty that you had to pay or other expenses directly related to the breach of contract matter.

Considering the different solutions possible in a business dispute involving a contract issue will help you pursue the solution that best works for your situation.