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There ought to be a law for grown children to call parents

by | Jul 5, 2013 | Heirs & Beneficiaries |

From time to time, we learn from our older clients of the pain they experience from not hearing from their children or other loved ones. They describe how they do not speak very often to them, and how they worry about not having anyone around to care for them or to pass on their legacies.

In these instances, they grow frustrated about their situations, sometimes wondering if there is a law against treating elders badly. While there are
laws in Florida outlawing elder abuse, there are no such laws against ignoring them.

However, in China this has changed recently. According to a Bloomberg News report, adult children are required to check in with their parents and visit
them on a regular basis. If they refuse to do so (or do not follow through on their commitment) they can be sued in court.

The law was reportedly the government’s attempt to maintain cultural traditions in the face of a changing society. More importantly,
it was a way to ensure that the country’s elderly would be taken care of by their children. This is especially important with China’s decade old proclamation of having only one child per couple. If a child does not step forward and care for his or her parents, the government is fearful that society will deteriorate.

Even without such a law in Florida, older people may create a way for others to take care of them even if they don’t have willing children. To learn more, contact an experienced estate planning attorney.

Source:, Why is China requiring adult children to visit their parents?,  July 2, 2013