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What does a Florida code enforcement attorney do?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2023 | Real Estate Transactions |

There are numerous state laws in Florida that directly relate to how someone maintains their property. Those who own real property have an obligation to keep that property compliant with state standards. Failure to do so could result in enforcement actions, possibly even including the state seeking injunctions against the property owner.

There are professionals that work for Orlando and other municipalities whose sole purpose is to visit and evaluate properties to determine if they comply with state law. Allegations of a non-compliant property could prevent you from using the property as you wish or could lead to expensive fines, among other consequences.

If you receive notice of a code violation, you could face major expenses, including the costs to make changes to the property very quickly. A code enforcement attorney could potentially help you resolve the situation.

Attorneys who know property law can assist you

As you can potentially infer from the name, a code enforcement attorney is a legal professional whose focus is in navigating complicated claims related to the condition of real property in Florida. If you face allegations of improper maintenance or owning an unsafe property, a code enforcement attorney could play a crucial role in defending your actions and mitigating the consequences that you could potentially face.

They can represent the property owner or business and be present in court instead of the property owner. They can also handle negotiations or carefully review a citation to determine if it is valid or not. Those already dealing with code enforcement issues or considering acquiring a property in questionable condition may want to retain the services of a code enforcement attorney to avoid liability and other expensive issues.

You likely need technical help with code enforcement issues

From helping you understand the legal meaning of different sections of code to helping you draft an appropriate response to an enforcement letter from the local government, there are many ways in which an attorney can help those who own properties that may need renovations.

Especially if real estate is part of how you generate income, you may not want to wait to run afoul of the law to consult with a code enforcement attorney. When you make efforts to comply with state law and also advocate for yourself, you can reduce the challenges and expenses involved in owning real property.

Learning more about real estate law can help protect you from unnecessary losses due to code enforcement efforts as someone who intends to invest in properties that are currently in poor condition.