Attorneys Stephen Korshak and Lee Karina Dani

3 Myths about running a business

by | May 29, 2018 | Business Law |


Entrepreneurship is a popular thing right now. More and more people are starting their own businesses and following their dreams. If you are beginning your own journey to running a small business, you may unknowingly believe some harmful myths.

There is plenty of misinformation out there about forming and operating your own company. Here are some misconceptions you should stop believing.

1. You need to take huge risks

You may associate entrepreneurship with risk. While you do need to take some chances to start your own enterprise, you do not need to be a constant risk-taker to be successful. In fact, always taking risks may cause your business to fail. The point is to take calculated risks. Never gamble away your retirement savings on a blind hope. Only take risks when you know the odds are in your favor and you will be able to bounce back if everything does not go according to plan.

2. You must grind constantly

A lot of people think that owning their own small businesses means they need to hustle 24/7. While hard work is necessary to reach your goals, you do not need to completely wear yourself out. Make sure you never ignore your health or your family. Getting enough rest and nurturing the rest of your life is crucial. Life is all about balance.

3. You need to know what you are doing

You may fall into the belief that you need to be a business expert to start and achieve success. However, you do not need to know all the details. In fact, it is impossible to know exactly what you are doing when you form a business. You can never have an exact plan for your upcoming journey. This business myth will only stop you from following your dreams.

Dispelling these myths from your framework is one of the best things you can do for your success.