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The role of an attorney in real estate transactions

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2016 | Real Estate Transactions |

When buying or selling a home, a lot of people can get involved in the process. Real estate transactions, whether in Florida or elsewhere, are not small things. A lot is on the line, particularly money. A real estate attorney can help a client ensure everything is on the up and up, and that his or her investment is adequately protected.

Most people turn to real estate agents to handle all that buying or selling property entails. These agents usually work with others to finalize closings. Utilizing a personal attorney is not often thought of or discussed. This may be a mistake, however.

A real estate agent works simply to move the property. A home buying agent will work to help home buyers get the best deal, while a selling agent works to secure what the seller is looking to achieve. While a real estate attorney is not required to complete the home buying or selling process, having this third party in one’s corner can prove to be extremely valuable. One’s counsel can ensure that any legal issues with the property are appropriately addressed — such as liens, tenant issues or other burdens. These are all things that one’s real estate agent may neglect or may not handle in the correct way.

Real estate transactions, whether in Florida or elsewhere, do not have to be horribly complicated. However, it is always a good idea to make sure that all one’s bases are covered. By seeking legal assistance, one can not only ensure that property issues are addressed, but that his or her best interests are being safeguarded throughout the process.

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