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For what reasons can I terminate a property lease?

by | Feb 11, 2016 | Real Estate Transactions |

It is not uncommon for property owners, from time-to-time, to feel the need to remove tenants from their properties — whether business or residential. Terminating a property lease is not something that can be done on a whim, however. In the state of Florida, an owner must have a valid, legal reason for ending a lease early.

There are a number of reasons as to why a landlord might want to remove a tenant from his or her property. These often include a tenant’s failure to pay rent, the violation of a rental agreement, a tenant causing damage to the property or using the property when participating in illegal activities — among others. To begin the lease termination process, the landlord must first send a written notice of termination. These notices will instruct tenants to either pay rent within a certain time frame or vacate, stop the violation or vacate, or simply vacate the premises.

It is not uncommon for landlords to meet some resistance from tenants. If a tenant ignores a property owner’s request to comply with the lease agreement or vacate, the landlord may go to court in order to obtain an eviction order. If an eviction order is granted by the court, and a tenant still refuses to leave the property, a landlord may ask to have a law enforcement officer remove the tenant.

Terminating a property lease is often the last thing a landlord wants to do, but there are definitely times when it becomes a necessity. Property owners can seek legal assistance before beginning this process in order to make sure they are within their legal rights to pursue a termination and — if needed — an eviction. Being a property owner comes with many challenges. Fortunately, Florida residents who choose to be landlords can seek help when dealing with difficult legal matters — such as lease terminations.

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