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Seek assistance with residential property and HOA concerns

by | Dec 12, 2015 | Residential Real Estate |

HOAs (homeowners associations) can be found in residential communities across the state of Florida. They serve a valuable purpose in keeping communities nice and standards high, thereby helping residential property values. Covenants, or community rules, are often drafted with the assistance of legal counsel, so that all residents are one the same page when it comes to community standards. Unfortunately, not all residents believe in the value of these associations, and HOA members may find themselves dealing with quite a few problems.

Most HOA boards are comprised of members of the community who simply want to keep their neighborhoods up to par. A majority of these individuals have not worked in professional management capacities. There are some communities who do use professional management businesses, though. Regardless, there are times that HOA boards may encounter legal issues with which they may not be able to handle without assistance.

Homeowners associations can seek legal advice as needed in order to help resolve any conflicts. These might include enforcing or interpreting community covenants, dealing with insurance claims and resolving disputes with residents — among various others. An experienced real estate and homeowners association attorney would be able to answer any and all questions that an HOA board may have and will be able to assist the client in resolving the issues at hand.

HOA boards in Florida and elsewhere do have a lot to deal with, as the communities they cover are often quite large. That means they are encountering numerous residential property owners with various opinions as to how their community should be run. It is inevitable that problems will arise from time to time. Certain steps can be taken in order to help prevent some dilemmas entirely and to ensure that the board is legally protected. However, when problems do come up, further legal assistance can be sought to resolve any disputes as swiftly as possible.