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Contesting wills — difficult but possible

by | Dec 31, 2015 | Will Execution |

There are a number of reasons as to why one might want to contest a will in a Florida probate court. Contesting wills may not be the easiest thing to do, but it is possible to do so successfully. An experience probate attorney can help you if this is a course of action you feel you need to pursue.

There are several grounds for contesting a will. These include undue influence, duress or incompetence, improper execution and fraud. Basically, a will can be challenged any time one suspects that any changes made came under questionable circumstances or if it was not properly signed, witnessed or executed. When any of these are thought to have occurred, those affected have every right to challenge any changes made.

Contesting a will can be a complex legal matter, and seeking help with this type of situation would be wise. More information about the grounds for contesting wills can be found by contacting our office directly or on our firm’s website under will contests. Here you will also find information about the process of challenging the validity of a will and how an attorney can help you throughout your case.

Contesting wills can take time. This is not a legal matter that is likely to be resolved overnight. Those who are ready to tackle this type of situation in a Florida probate court can retain legal counsel in order to assist with their cases. Having representation that is knowledgeable in state probate laws and local court procedures can help in fighting one’s case and in achieving the best possible outcome.