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Estate settlement doesn’t have to be intimidating

by | Nov 2, 2015 | Probate Litigation |

When a loved one dies, many people are unprepared for all the tasks that they are faced with. In addition to the personal loss of a beloved family member, there is a lot of work to be done regarding the probate and estate process. Many Central Florida residents opt to take on this burden themselves, but this can often backfire.

The estate settlement process is often a complex one. Unfortunately, people who are untrained or inexperienced with such matters often find themselves over their heads in a hurry. By working with an experienced attorney, the estate settlement process can often be expedited.

The process of probating an estate involves paperwork — a great deal of paperwork. It’s crucial that these documents be filled out properly the first time, in order to avoid delays. Attorneys who have worked with these documents before can help to make the process considerably smoother and less overwhelming.

It’s important for an estate’s personal representatives to understand their duties. A probate and estate administration attorney can help with this, as well as assisting with the proper distribution of the estate’s property.

Estate settlements may run into difficulty if there are issues regarding real estate title problems or claims made by creditors. In fact, some creditors may move to act quickly to force a settlement before family members have time to react, leaving them without a say in the process. Attorneys can help make sure family members act quickly and responsibly.

While many people will be tasked with handling a loved one’s affairs after their death, those who choose to work with an attorney while doing so may find their experience to be more satisfying.