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Time frame for filing creditor claims on an estate in Florida

by | Jun 25, 2015 | Probate Litigation |

Those who are charged with closing out an estate in Florida — for a loved one, friend, client or acquaintance — have, in a manner of speaking, a lot on their plates. In this process, there are quite a few questions that are likely to come to mind that will need answering before the distribution of an estate can begin. One such question may involve what kind of time frame is there for filing creditor claims against the estate.

Dealing with creditors may be one of the last things with which an estate representative wants to be concerned. However, the law requires that creditors be notified when an estate has been opened. This is done by filing a Notice of Administration. After creditors receive this notification, they will have up to three months to file any claims.

Once claims are received, an estate’s representative may wonder whether that claim must be paid. It is possible to make formal objections to creditor claims. While doing so may delay the distribution of the estate, it may be worthwhile if there is any question about the received claims.

Closing out an estate is not always a quick and easy process. Depending on creditor claims and any objection to those, it can take a while to make any distributions. Those who are appointed to take care of a final estate in Florida can seek legal guidance to help them throughout the process. By seeking assistance, it is possible to close out an estate as quickly as possible and ensure that creditors are not taking advantage of the situation.

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