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How to plan for divorce in 2013

by | Dec 27, 2012 | Child Custody, Divorce |

With this being our last post of 2012, we wanted to take time to thank our readers for making our blog successful. We take pride in providing helpful information and compelling commentary on family law issues. As we look towards 2013, we find it fitting to give some helpful tips to those who may be contemplating divorce. January is traditionally the month with the most divorces filed. With that said, people considering a split should be mindful of the following:

Consider how you will tell the children – This is the most important conversation you can have if you are considering divorce. If you don’t realize it already, children have an amazing capacity to know what is going on between their parents. They also tend to blame themselves for the break-up and can carry the guilt around for years. Because of this, having an honest conversation with them will help in the transition.

Create a budget – It is also important to know how you will manage on one income. Most divorcing parties have become accustomed to living on two paychecks, so knowing how to manage costs is important as you contemplate a new life. It will also help you understand whether child support or maintenance will be necessary.

Collect financial documents – In the same vein as budgeting, you should collect financial documents so you have a comprehensive understanding of what assets (and debts) will be divided. This includes information about 401k accounts, mortgage statements, investment account information, and credit card statements.

If you have questions about other planning aspects, contact an experienced divorce.

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