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If an elderly parent suffers from dementia or any other mental incapacitation, loved ones may question if their mother or father had the mental capacity to create a valid will. If your loved one lacked the capacity to understand his or her assets, who the named beneficiaries were and what designations were made, you may have a valid will contest case.

Will disputes of this sort are usually triggered when a child was excluded as a beneficiary, the will was not aligned with previous intentions of the testator, or there has been sudden and drastic change in the document.

Did Your Loved One Lack The Mental Capacity To Create A Valid Will?

Perhaps there was no forced coercion from an outside individual in your lack of capacity will contest matter. But many times, those responsible for the care or financial affairs of these elderly individuals — such as nursing home attendants, accountants, powers of attorneys or even family members — abuse their position to influence the creation or changing of a will.

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When You Have Been Wrongfully Accused Of Influencing The Will

Our lawyers understand that internal family disputes can turn into legal battles over mom or dad’s will, especially if one or more family members have been estranged. And in many cases, false accusations can be made. As such, we also represent those who have been wrongfully accused of influencing a mentally unfit parent in the creation or modification of a will.

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