Will Contests: Challenging A Will

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Grounds For Challenging A Will

Courts give considerable deference to written wills and often uphold the validity of wills. However, wills may be challenged on several grounds, including:

  • Undue influence: Due to age, illness or other conditions, the decedent (the individual who has died) may have been susceptible to the undue influence of a third party. If so, the will could be subject to challenge.
  • Duress or incompetence: Was the decedent subjected to extreme pressure or unable to think clearly due to dementia, mental illness or another serious medical condition? If so, the will could be subject to challenge.
  • Improper execution: If the will was not validly signed, witnessed and executed, it may be challenged.
  • Fraud: Was the decedent tricked into making changes to his or her will? Did he or she sign a written document without understanding that it was a will or change key provisions of a will as a result of fraud? If so, the will may be subject to challenge.

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