What Can Be Included In A Living Will?

Many people are familiar with the concept of a living will. Being able to specify how you want your health care to proceed if you are not able to give the instructions yourself is a great comfort to people of all ages and their families. In many cases, these instructions are created in conjunction with naming a power of attorney who can carry out those instructions, should the situation call for it.

The lawyers at Korshak & Associates have three decades of experience helping people make informed decisions about their estate planning and the level of care they wish to receive if they become incapacitated. While the idea of a living will is not unfamiliar to people, what it typically contains is often less well-known.

We Help You Determine What’s Most Important

There’s no one right way to draw up a living will. It’s useful to determine what you want your customized document to say, because it may have to function as your voice if you cannot give your consent in the event of illness or injury. Living wills may discuss topics such as:

  • If and when to perform resuscitation if you go into cardiac arrest
  • If and when to intubate you in order to deliver liquids and nutrients directly to your stomach if you cannot eat or swallow
  • If and when to administer antibiotics if you are facing a serious infection in a weakened state
  • The administration of palliative care, such as providing pain medications or being placed in hospice care

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