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Understanding Guardianship Responsibilities Under Florida Law

Under Florida law, a guardian can be appointed to act in a legal capacity on behalf of an incapacitated person — often referred to as a ward. The incapacitated person may be elderly and physically unable to exercise his or her own rights, or there can be issues related to memory loss, dementia or various disabilities that can create the need for a guardian.

The guardian has a variety of responsibilities that need to be fulfilled, and these tasks can become quite complex for people who are not familiar with them. Having a knowledgeable Orlando attorney there to help you through the process will help to ensure that the ward’s interests are protected and that your duties are properly fulfilled.

So, What Does A Guardian Do?

In Florida, there are two common types of guardianship: guardianship of the person and guardianship of the property.

  • Guardianship of the person involves exercising the ward’s rights on his or her behalf. The guardian makes major life decisions for the ward and coordinates his or her medical care, among other critical matters. In addition, the guardian files annual reports with the court outlining the ward’s health and general well-being.
  • Guardianship of the property involves handling of the ward’s day-to-day affairs, including the management of bank accounts and retirement accounts, paying bills, real estate management and transactions, and other matters. It is also the responsibility of the guardian to gather and inventory all of the ward’s assets as well as submit annual accountings to the court detailing the ward’s assets, income and expenditures.

Ready To Help You With Any Florida Guardianship Matter

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