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It is common to hear people talk about their desire to find ways to avoid probate. Many will give gifts to their children, set up trusts and engage in creative business deals. In various ways, they attempt to protect their assets and the beneficiaries of their estates from the processes of probate. Minimizing taxes is one concern; avoiding complications is another goal for many. They may be unaware of the benefits of probate for many purposes.

There may be good reasons to try to avoid probate. However, it is important to remember that not all assets in an estate will necessarily end up where intended. There may be income tax refunds, paid judgments and other assets that come to the estate near the end of life and don’t fall into trusts or other protected repositories of wealth. For these reasons, a pour-over will can be an important document — and probate can be not only necessary but also very helpful in such cases.

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Benefits Of Probate And The Options Available To You

Some of the benefits of our efficient services and the benefits of probate include:

  • Clearing real estate titles as necessary to pass real property on after death
  • Settling creditors’ claims against an estate
  • Settling the estate of someone killed in a traffic accident or any other kind of accident that may bring new sources of income to the estate
  • Completing distribution of assets not protected by trusts

Remember, even if you try to avoid probate, there is no guarantee you will be completely successful. Our law firm helps clients get the greatest benefits from probate while minimizing unexpected obstacles (such as will contests) that may arise and stand in the way in complete settling of an estate.

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