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Tax Deeds

Clearing title on a property purchased by a tax deed is no simple matter, and it is critical to work with a lawyer who has handled this type of matter before and can help you obtain clear title efficiently and effectively.

At Korshak & Associates, P.A., we provide efficient, solutions-based representation in tax deed and other real estate and property matters. With more than 60 years of combined experience, our Orlando tax deed attorneys represent clients in Orlando, Casselberry and throughout the state of Florida. We can help you through the process of obtaining marketable title on a property encumbered by a tax lien.

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Clearing Title On Properties Bought With Tax Deeds

A tax deed is the method by which the state sells real property that it has taken away from its prior owners as a result of failure to pay property taxes. The property first goes through a complex series of steps that include the issuance of tax certificates that are later called due and culminating with the property being sold at auction by the local clerk of court.

For clients who have purchased a property at a tax deed auction, we can help them through the process of obtaining marketable title so that the property can be resold. The process is more complicated than it is in other clearing title actions. Our lawyers will:

  • Review the title search: We will examine all of the relevant documents and research other sources to determine all of the liens on the property and other issues involved.
  • File quiet title claims: It is typically necessary to file a quiet title claim against all prior owners of the property who lost the home due to nonpayment of taxes.
  • Bring claims against all prior lenders: Although a tax lien eliminates out liens and related claims of all other lenders, it is still necessary to bring a suit against them to obtain marketable title.
  • Walk you through the entire process of a quiet title claim: Many other complications can arise during the quiet title claim process. It can be difficult to find all of the prior lenders, for example, as bank closures and mergers over the years can require detailed research to track down the appropriate lending organizations.

Our attorneys have handled numerous quiet title claims with the goal of getting marketable title for our clients who have bought property via tax deeds. We will help you through every step of the legal process to help you obtain marketable title.

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