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Real Estate Appeals FAQ

Real estate law in Orlando can become complicated very quickly, particularly if you are aiming to appeal a decision in a case that has been litigated. While not all cases are worth the time and effort to file an appeal, it is a worthwhile effort if there are grounds to do so and you feel that an injustice has been done.

At Korshak & Associates, our real estate lawyers represent people who have had a ruling in a real estate case go against them and wish to appeal the decision. We also represent parties who won the initial case and are now facing an appeal of the ruling.

Here is a brief real estate appeals FAQ for those who are contemplating an appeal of their case:

I lost my case a while ago, but I’ve been thinking that I might want to appeal. What’s the cutoff?

The deadline for filing an appeal depends on many factors, including when and where the case was heard and what the case was deciding. Regardless of the details, there is a limited window in which the appeals process is permitted. It is important to contact an attorney right away to make sure you don’t miss out due to waiting too long to decide.

Do I have to file my appeal with the same attorney or law firm that handled the original case?

No, you are not required to do so. Korshak & Associates handles appeals both from our existing clients and from new clients who could benefit from a fresh look at the facts of the case.

Am I able to appeal my case?

Yes, most cases would be eligible for appeal. However, determining whether or not an appeal is the best idea is something to discuss with your lawyer. Just because you can appeal does not mean you should.

Can I file an additional appeal after my first appeal was rejected?

It may be possible to file another appeal with a court that has jurisdiction above the one you first appealed to. Talking with your lawyer about your appeal options is the best way to understand the likelihood that another appeal will be heard.

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