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HOA, Condo And Commercial Associations FAQs

Central Florida and Orlando are a major location for property associations of all sorts — homeowners associations, condo associations and commercial property associations. Each of these groups has its own unique set of rules, or covenants, that its members are required to adhere to. Keeping track of this, in addition to collecting monthly dues and handling disputes, can be a major undertaking.

The real estate attorneys at Korshak & Associates offer solutions for associations to manage these issues, as well as to provide general counsel and advice. Legal issues can develop quickly if misunderstandings or other disputes get out of control — issues that are best suited to be handled by a lawyer rather than someone whose business experience lies elsewhere. Here is a sample of questions you may have in the form of an Orlando homeowners association FAQs:

Can an attorney help my HOA or condo association with collecting unpaid dues?

Our law firm has extensive experience in collections and real estate matters. Association members who owe significant amounts in past dues can be subject to actions such as liens placed on their property or collections actions — both of which are often best handled by experienced real estate lawyers.

Isn’t hiring a business or real estate law firm expensive?

We understand the reputation that law firms have for alarmingly high fees. We make it our priority to offer the kind of high-quality service our clients would expect to receive at a large law firm, but without the large-firm prices. We are a boutique firm made up of attorneys who value interpersonal relationships and giving our customers the most value for their hard-earned money.

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