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Orlando Construction Law Attorneys: We Won’t Let You Down

Are you struggling with disagreements during a construction project? When contracts and expectations clash, legal guidance becomes crucial.

At Korshak & Associates, P.A., our Orlando construction law attorneys have over six decades of experience handling all aspects of Florida construction disputes and additional legal matters.

Clear And Concise Contract Addendums

Construction projects are rarely static. Addendums are binding agreements that alter the original project terms without changing the whole document. Essential for project adaptability, they must be signed by all parties to ensure enforceability and compliance with state regulations.

Reasonable And Fair Change Orders

Another way to amend the original project without creating an entirely new contract is by initiating change orders. These amendments legally alter the scope, schedule or costs of the project. They can effectively address unforeseen variables but should be drafted in the best interests of all parties.

Construction Disputes Over Time And Money

Construction projects often hinge on tight deadlines and strict budgets. If a dispute arises, timelines and bank accounts can take a big hit. Two common causes of disputes include:

  • Schedule delays. Unexpected material shortages or subcontractor issues can cause delays, leading to a legal disagreement.
  • Cost overruns. Unforeseen expenses caused by weather or other issues also result in legal conflict.

Other issues that can lead to litigation include breach of contract, use of faulty construction materials and structural defects or electrical problems. Our lawyers help draft clear and concise contracts and amendments that protect your interests and minimize unexpected situations.

We Also Serve Property Owners

Our services are available to any party harmed or mistreated during a complex endeavor, including the construction client or owner. We are as adept at assisting these individuals as contractors. Anyone with legal concerns about a construction project is welcome at Korshak & Associates, P.A..

Call For Swift Action

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