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Advocating For Victims In Drunk Driving Accidents

When a Florida driver decides to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking, they not only endanger themselves, but everyone around them — in their own vehicle, in other vehicles on the road and any pedestrians, bicyclists or other bystanders. The penalties for DUI/DWI in Florida and elsewhere around the country are severe because of this danger and the need to get people who drink and drive off the road.

Because drunk drivers have slower reaction time and make errors that sober drivers would not make, the accidents they cause can be even more severe — and potentially deadly — than a more straightforward car crash. Victims of these kinds of accidents need to be able to rely on an Orlando drunk driving accident lawyer to stand up for their interests and hold drunk drivers, and their insurance companies, accountable for what has happened.

Drivers who have been drinking may drive at extremely dangerous speeds, in the wrong lane of traffic or in an otherwise reckless fashion.

Attorneys Who Have Your Interests At Heart

You have enough to worry about if you are injured in a serious accident. That’s why at Korshak & Associates, we will handle the legal issues surrounding your case so you can devote your efforts toward recovering from your injuries. We’ll stand up for your rights, and we aren’t hesitant to litigate your case if it is in your best interests.

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