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June 2020 Newsletter

Korshak & Associates June 2020 NewsletterWhen you sell your house, your real estate agent usually represents you throughout the process. And your agent has a fiduciary duty to you, which means he or she has a responsibility to act in your best interest. Read More

May 2020 Newsletter

Korshak & Associates May 2020 Newsletter

As more business communication is conducted via text messages, businesses need to be aware that they can have legal ramifications. In the eyes of the law, text messages may not be as informal as you think. Read More

March 2020 Newsletter

Korshak & Associates March 2020 Newsletter

Relocating Kids After a Divorce In most states, a court looks at the specific facts of each case and makes a decision based on what it views as being in the best interest of the child. Read More

February 2020 Newsletter

Korshak & Associates February 2020 Newsletter

Do-it-Yourself Divorce Full of Risk “Do-it-yourself” divorce apps and programs for preparing and processing forms have become more popular. While DIY divorce may turn out fine in some cases, it’s full of risk. Read More

January 2020 Newsletter

Korshak & Associates January 2020 Newsletter

Challenging a Quitclaim Deed Your stepfather’s long-lost son came to visit and walked away with a quitclaim deed to the family cottage. What do you do when you suspect someone did something “fishy” to get his or her name on a deed? Read More

November 2019 Newsletter

Korshak & Associates November 2019 Newsletter

Important assets in divorce Divorce can be difficult in so many ways.The breakup of a relationship that was supposed to be “’til death do us part” can be emotionally devastating. Read More

October 2019 Newsletter

Korshak & Associates October 2019 Newsletter

Should you leave siblings unequal shares of your estate? When you’re reviewing your estate plan, it’s important to think about how to divide your estate among your children. While you don’t need to leave siblings equal shares, be aware …   Read More

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