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What if my spouse cut me and our children out of the estate plan?

There may be a variety of reasons for a person to completely cut his or her spouse and children out of his or her will. Whatever the decedent’s reasons, it may come as a shock to the family to learn that they are to receive nothing, especially if the decedent left behind a substantial estate. If the decedent was the sole source of income, the family may be left destitute.

A guardianship can protect a mentally incompetent person's estate

Though Americans are living longer than ever, one downside is that more and more people are living with dementia in their final years. Dementia robs us of our memory, reasoning and dignity in many cases.

How to talk to your family about your estate plan

The ability to communicate is a vital part of any relationship. Few families that cannot talk to each other about anything, no matter how emotionally difficult, can be described as truly healthy. If we cannot come to our spouses, parents or siblings with our troubles, who can we go to?

Trusts for special needs children provide for their unique needs

One good reason for creating an estate plan is to give us peace of mind that, if we pass away before our children are grown, they will be provided for financially. This concern generally fades as the kids grow up, get jobs and start to take care of themselves.

Choosing your beneficiaries can be trickier than it seems

One of the fundamental steps of setting up an estate plan is deciding whom to name as the beneficiaries. Though your first thought may be to leave everything to your spouse or children, there are a few things to consider.

Helping intended beneficiaries plan for inheritance

The idea of collecting an inheritance can seem, well, exciting. However, if certain protections aren't taken and strategies put in place, gaining an inheritance can cause other financial problems. Florida residents who are choosing beneficiaries as they write-up their estate plans may want to discuss inheritance with intended beneficiaries to ensure that necessary precautions are included in the final estate.

Future planning for Florida newlyweds could include wills

Florida newlyweds embrace the future ahead of them; with so many things to experience and accomplish together, there is a lot for which to plan. Day-to-day living quickly turns into years of family and financial growth, and planning for what would happen to children and financial accounts in the event of death -- though hard to discuss early in a marriage -- can reduce stress and agony in the long run. Wills are just one of many legal documents that can lay out final wishes regarding several different topics of an individual's life, all in one place, and it may be a good thing for newly married couples to discuss.

Involving adult children in estate planning

Many Florida residents may feel that their estate plans are too complicated or complex to review with their family members. While discussing end-of-life matters with children isn't necessarily an easy topic of conversation, it may prove beneficial in the long-run. Involving adult children in estate planning matters can help ensure final wishes are known regarding end-of-life care and asset distribution.

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