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How to minimize the negative effects of a difficult ex

Divorce is difficult enough when both spouses are on the same page and agree on how the marriage should be ended. Too often, divorce is caused by domestic violence, infidelity or financial struggles that you do not foresee when you say your vows.

Divorced? Have you updated your estate plan?

Divorce is often ranked as one of the most difficult life experiences. Most people consider the emotional challenges of going through a divorce and changes to the family structure. But there are many technical and legal aspects of a divorce, as well.

How to handle prying questions about your divorce

When news of your impending divorce gets around to your friends and family members, it is only a matter of time till the prying questions come about. Handling the constant inquisitions is one of the difficult parts of going through a divorce, since many people may not understand boundaries in their efforts to be supportive.

How to make introducing a new love to kids easier.

While it may not seem like it for some people going through divorce, but life goes on after the split is finalized. This also means that divorcing parents continue their romantic lives and may meet someone new. When this happens, the inevitable challenge is introducing a new love interest to children. There is no simple or sure-fire way to do so. It really depends on the person, the parent, and the child's temperament. With that said, we offer some tips to make the process easier.

How to recover financially after divorce

Divorce can be a trying time, but it can also be the start of a new beginning, both emotionally and financially. To prepare for life after being a couple, divorcees in Florida have a number of things to consider as they embark on a new stage of their lives. After all, they may have less income to live on, and more financial obligations. Because of that, planning is essential. This post will explore several important elements.

Divorce tips for older divorcees

The number of people divorcing after age 50 is increasing. Whether it is because of financial independence, couples growing apart or because children have left the nest, more people are finding that their marriages will not last. "Gray" divorces have unique legal and emotional issues. As such, they may not be resolved as quickly (or as easily) as other dissolutions.

How fathers can stay relevant to daughters during divorce

If you ever thought sports were overrated, a new study may change your mind; especially for fathers who seek to improve their relationships with their daughters. A study conducted by researchers at Baylor University found that fathers who played sports with their daughters were more likely to have bonding moments, and thus, stronger relationships.

The perils of divorcing during tax time

Divorce already carries its own set of financial challenges; how to maintain two households on one budget, how to split marital assets, and debts should be dealt with. Divorcing during tax season can come with unanticipated, yet costly consequences. This can be especially troublesome for couples who are not well-versed with the tax code.

How much is a name worth?

Restoring one's maiden name is a common exercise in a divorce. It can be another step in new life journey or a way to erase a painful and troubling past. Others may want to keep their married name because they don't want to go through the hassle of changing their identity on every piece of information they have. Some may want to keep their surname because their children have it, and that bond shouldn't be broken even though the marriage has been dissolved.

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