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What happens to your digital assets after you die?

We live in a digital age. More and more of our business, financial, and personal lives are managed and housed online. As the digital age keeps progressing, questions arise regarding ownership and management of those assets after an individual dies or becomes incapacitated.

Seek help with creating standard wills

Have you or a loved one put off writing a will because it simply seems too difficult a task? Creating standard wills can seem overwhelming, but it is not something that has to be or should be done alone. An experienced estate planning attorney in Florida can help with will creation and any of your other estate planning needs.

What is the deal with living wills?

Whether one resides in Florida or elsewhere, there are numerous legal documents one might consider for end-of-life planning. There are so many, in fact, that some individuals may not understand why they might be important. Living wills are a good example. What is the deal with living wills? Why would anyone want to have one?

Contesting wills -- difficult but possible

There are a number of reasons as to why one might want to contest a will in a Florida probate court. Contesting wills may not be the easiest thing to do, but it is possible to do so successfully. An experience probate attorney can help you if this is a course of action you feel you need to pursue.

Don't forget to change wills after divorce

Planning one's estate is something many people in Florida and across the country may feel is kind of a one and done deal. This simply is not the case. Not updating wills, especially after big life changes, could mean that desired beneficiaries may not receive what is intended.

Florida residents, don't put will planning off forever

Life gets busy, and sometimes it seems difficult to slow down and take stock of everything one has, to take time figuring out what to do with it all and to figure out how to protect family members in the event of one's death. Depressing as it may seem, everyone will need to figure these things out sooner or later. In short, those residing in Florida or elsewhere should not put will planning off forever.

Online tools can help personal representatives handle their duty

No matter how experienced you are in business or the law, serving as an executor of an estate, also known as a personal representative, can be difficult and confusing. Most people have no experience as a personal representative, the person who is responsible for distributing assets to heirs according to the decedent’s wishes, and paying off all legitimate debts. Wrapping up an estate can take up to 18 months in some cases, The New York Times reports.

Judge orders parties Robin Williams probate case to try settling

An update to the probate dispute between Robin Williams' wife and children shows how these cases can take months to resolve. The judge presiding over the case has ordered the parties to try to work out their differences over the next eight weeks.

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