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Posts tagged "Probate litigation"

Florida probate litigation: part 5, conclusion

This final installment of this column's probate topic will discuss how long the probate process takes to complete. The truth is, probate litigation -- whether completed in Florida or elsewhere -- can take a bit of time. Every case is different.

Understanding probate litigation in Florida: Part 4

This week's column will focus once again on probate in Florida. This time, the subject that will be addressed is the rights of the decedent's family members during probate litigation. For one reason or another, surviving family members may not be left anything in an estate plan, but this does not mean that they are not entitled to try to collect assets.

Understanding probate litigation in Florida: Part 3

As a continuation of the probate in Florida topic, this article is going to address what obligations an estate has to creditors. Probate litigation is not just used by family members to administer or contest an estate. Creditors are given a set period of time to make claims against the estate as well.

Understanding probate litigation in Florida: Part 2

As stated in a previous article, this column is going to cover common questions/concerns one might have about probate in Florida. Probate litigation can be a tricky thing, so going into it with an understanding of how it works can certainly make the process easier to handle. This particular article is going to address personal representatives and their duties during probate.

Understanding probate litigation in Florida: Part 1

It is common to have a lot of questions and concerns about probate in Florida. A lot of peoples' fears about probate litigation simply come from a lack of complete knowledge about how the process works. This column will explain probate in a number of posts in hopes of eliminating confusion associated with the process. This particular article will address the different individuals and professionals involved in the probate process.

What do I need to know about estate administration?

In Florida and elsewhere, after a person dies, his or her property will need to be passed on to his or her loved ones or any other beneficiaries. This is often done through estate administration. While not all estates will require an extensive probate process, some cases can take time, especially if there is not a will, if the process is contested or if the estate is quite sizable or complex.

Can probate estate administration be simple?

When one thinks about probate administration, the word simple rarely -- if ever -- comes to mind. Most people tend to fear this process, as it can be long, drawn-out and somewhat complicated. However, in Florida there is a form of probate estate administration that can be fairly simple to complete.

Probate litigation does not have to be a scary or unpleasant

There are many people in Florida and elsewhere that cringe at the word probate. There are a lot of misconceptions about probate litigation. The simple truth is that it can actually be a good thing, and it can help resolve any issues that may arise with the administration of an estate.

When might probate litigation be a good thing?

Florida residents who have planned their estates have likely done all they can to ensure that any potential issues have not been overlooked. Wanting one's estate to be divided as intended is understandable as is wanting one's beneficiaries to avoid probate litigation unless it is absolutely necessary. Is there a time, though, when probate may actually be a good thing?

Time frame for filing creditor claims on an estate in Florida

Those who are charged with closing out an estate in Florida -- for a loved one, friend, client or acquaintance -- have, in a manner of speaking, a lot on their plates. In this process, there are quite a few questions that are likely to come to mind that will need answering before the distribution of an estate can begin. One such question may involve what kind of time frame is there for filing creditor claims against the estate.

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