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Can my estate plan include unborn beneficiaries?

We can't predict the future nor can we rewrite our estate plans every time anything happens at all in our lives that could affect a decision in our plan. It is important that estate plans prepare for the unknown through careful drafting and alternative terms.

Involving adult children in estate planning may be beneficial

Estate planning -- whether done in Florida or elsewhere -- is certainly a private matter. However, including others in the process, especially adult children, may prove to be beneficial. Unfortunately, family members do end up fighting about the details of estate plans when they feel that they have been unfairly treated or they simply do not agree with what has been decided. By allowing adult children to have some involvement in the estate planning process, this can help prevent such problems in the future.

Do not forget to name digital beneficiaries when estate planning

When going through the estate planning process many individuals, whether they reside in Florida or elsewhere, may not think about their digital assets. Even though most Americans live in a world where more things are being done and stored online, few people seem to think about how such assets are to be passed on to beneficiaries. Believe it or not, separate protections need to be put in place in order to ensure that heirs are legally allowed to gain access to digital assets.

Take appropriate precautions to help beneficiaries avoid taxes

Gifting property in an estate plan by parents in Florida or elsewhere is always done with the best of intentions. There is nothing wrong with a parent wanting to give his or her child property out-right if that is a possibility. However, certain precautions need to be taken in order to help beneficiaries avoid the significant taxes that may follow receiving such a gift.

Should I designate beneficiaries?

For those in Florida or elsewhere, deciding who gets what after their deaths can be a difficult decision. Some may be afraid of hurting feelings, or they simply cannot decide how they want things divided out. While it is possible for everything to work out in the end by having an estate go through the probate process, probate can be completed much faster by designating beneficiaries and making things a little easier for one's surviving family members.

Florida estate planning: trusts for children with disabilities

Parents of children with special needs understandably have a number of fears and concerns about their children's futures. There are some things that can be done by parents in Florida or elsewhere to help ease their anxiety. The key is in estate planning that ensures everything is set up properly so that a child with disabilities can keep his or her government benefits and have access to his or her inheritance.

Estate planning is not just for people with children

When one has no children of his or her own to pass on an inheritance to, it may seem pointless to form an estate plan. This is far from the truth, though. Those in Florida and elsewhere who do not have children to list as beneficiaries will still want to consider where their property will end up when they pass on -- the government, charities or other individuals. This is why estate planning is still necessary.

Protect beneficiaries by keeping up to date on new laws

Those in Florida and elsewhere who have taken the time to meticulously put together their estate plans may be distressed to know that changes in the law can affect how their estate is actually distributed. In order to protect beneficiaries and ensure final wishes are actually realized, adjusting plans to keep up with law changes is necessary. An experienced estate planning attorney can help make such adjustments.

Florida estate planning: Elderly marriage and modifying plans

As many Americans are living longer, there has been an increase of late-in-life marriages. With elderly marriage comes quite a few concerns, however, especially when it comes to financial matters and estate planning. Florida residents who find companionship in their retirement years may need to or want to modify their estate plans in order to address any concerns.

Taxes a concern for Florida residents when estate planning

There are a number of issues those residing in Florida or elsewhere deal with when making their plans for their estates. One of the biggest concerns those with significant assets face, though, is taxes. When estate planning, certain actions may be taken to help ensure beneficiaries, not the government, will receive their intended inheritances.

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