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Non-Compete And Non-Disclosure Agreements

In today’s competitive business environment, business owners need to be proactive in protecting their assets, trade secrets, and bottom line. Two options that serve unique purposes in the protection of a business are non-compete agreements and non-disclosure agreements.

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Non-Compete Agreements

When an employee leaves a company, he or she has probably gained a lot of information about the company, its customers, how it operates, etc. The former employee could go on to use that information to start a competing business or lure customers, for example.

Business owners who want to protect their businesses may consider a non-compete agreement.

Non-compete agreements can prohibit a former employee from starting a competing business or disclosing confidential information. Non-compete agreements are typically set for a specific amount of time, in a specific geographic area, prohibiting a specific type of conduct.

Non-compete agreements can be customized to protect the unique interests of the individual or party creating it.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

A non-disclosure agreement is different than a non-compete agreement in that it prohibits an employee, former employee or business partner from disclosing confidential information to a third party.

Non-disclosure agreements typically protect information, such as trade secrets and other forms of intellectual property – generally non-public information about a business.

Non-disclosure agreements may be used by businesses that enter into a specific project or joint venture together. Both parties have information to protect, and a non-disclosure agreement may be the most effective way of protecting it.

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