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Residential Real Estate Archives

Negotiating a pet-friendly residential property lease

The number of landlords that allow pets in Florida and elsewhere is relatively small. Why? Pets can cause damage that many landlords simply do not want to deal with after tenants move. As more people are moving to renting versus home buying, what can be done to negotiate a pet-friendly residential property lease?

Good start to the year for residential property sales in Orlando

It is not uncommon for the housing market to have strong and weak periods. So far, Orlando had a good start to the year in terms of residential property sales. It has been reported that both price and sales volume have increased in this particular area, which is more than what can be said for other parts of Florida.

What is in a residential real estate contract matters

When buying or selling a home in Florida or elsewhere, there is a lot of paperwork involved. So much so, not everyone reads every single page. In truth, when a residential real estate contract is written, there is a lot of information that one may or may not want to include. By not carefully reviewing a contract, it is possible that some information may be missed or that what is included may not be in one's best interests.

Buying residential property and dealing with escrow disputes

During the process of buying a home in Florida or elsewhere, it is common for money to be held in what is known as an escrow account. These accounts are used to hold related funds before the sale of a residential property is completed. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for escrow disputes to arise during residential real estate sales. When this happens, having legal counsel on one's side may prove invaluable.

Tenants of residential property in Florida do have rights

There are a lot of times that tenants may feel they are getting walked on by their landlords. The truth of the matter is, Florida tenants of residential property -- and commercial property for that matter -- do have rights. When needed, legal assistance is available to help tackle any issues one may have with his or her landlord.

Seek assistance with residential property and HOA concerns

HOAs (homeowners associations) can be found in residential communities across the state of Florida. They serve a valuable purpose in keeping communities nice and standards high, thereby helping residential property values. Covenants, or community rules, are often drafted with the assistance of legal counsel, so that all residents are one the same page when it comes to community standards. Unfortunately, not all residents believe in the value of these associations, and HOA members may find themselves dealing with quite a few problems.

An attorney can help during a residential real estate transaction

When buying or selling residential real estate in Florida or elsewhere, one may think that all he or she needs is a real estate broker. While completing such transactions is the field of expertise for brokers, having an unbiased third-party representative is always a good idea. When finalizing a residential real estate transaction, having legal representation on one's side can help ensure contracts are complete, all questions are answered and any potential legal issues are appropriately addressed.

Get the most out of your residential real estate sale

It seems that right now is a good time for those wanting to sell their homes in the Orlando area. Property values are slowly rising, allowing homeowners to raise asking prices. Doing so doesn't seem to be keeping buyers away, as home sales have increased by about 22 percent since this time last year. What can help a homeowner get the most out of a residential real estate sale?

Residential property and the difficult tenant, what can you do?

Across the state of Florida, it is pretty easy to find residential real estate rentals. Owning such property can be a great way to supplement income or even provide for retirement years. While there are a lot of good things that can be said for leasing out residential property, doing so is not without its downsides. One such negative that numerous landlords have had the unfortunate experiences of dealing with is difficult tenants.

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