What can you do about a consumer dispute in Florida?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2022 | Consumer Disputes |

There is nothing worse than hiring someone to perform a service and then not getting what you paid foror  getting a bill that is much higher than an initial quote or having to keep pestering your hired workers to get a job done.

When you’re paying for a high-dollar service and that service is not fulfilled as expected, you have a right to make a consumer complaint and to look into legal remedies. You may be able to hold the contractor or service agent to an original contracted price or take other action to resolve the dispute.

When may you need help to settle a dispute?

Imagine that you just hired a contractor to install a new pool. These pool installers quoted you for the time it would take to install a new pool on your property, and you felt their rates were fair. You chose them out of several different installers because the price was several hundred dollars less than if you had chosen a competitor.

When they came to your home to begin the installation, it ended up taking several days longer than expected. You never read or saw anything that the price could go up if the installation didn’t go smoothly, but then, once they were finished, they handed you a bill for almost triple the original quote. You never agreed to such a high price, but what can you do? Do you have to pay it?

When you have a high-dollar dispute, it’s worth knowing your legal options

In a high-dollar dispute, you should learn more about your rights as a consumer. If you were quoted a certain dollar amount and the contract had no information about additional charges, then it is extremely unfair that the contractor would hand you a larger bill than what you agreed to. They might try to pursue the debt, but you can also fight back and show that you did not know that the bill would be increased.

This type of legal challenge is one that may require court intervention through the use of arbitration. If you have a dispute, it’s valuable to find out more about your legal options.