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What happens at a real estate closing?

When buying a home in Florida or elsewhere, closing day is a day of excitement. Most people just want to get it over with and get moved into their new homes. Before just signing one's life away, though, it is important to understand everything that happens during a real estate closing, what can go wrong and how an attorney can help throughout the process.

Seek help with creating standard wills

Have you or a loved one put off writing a will because it simply seems too difficult a task? Creating standard wills can seem overwhelming, but it is not something that has to be or should be done alone. An experienced estate planning attorney in Florida can help with will creation and any of your other estate planning needs.

Estate planning the right way

While there are many different paths that one can take to achieve something that will ultimately achieve the same end result, sometimes there are clear right and wrong approaches to completing a task. When it comes to estate planning, whether in Florida or elsewhere, sometimes steps are taken that do not produce the absolute best possible end result. If this happens, one's future and one's family may not be adequately protected.

Negotiating a pet-friendly residential property lease

The number of landlords that allow pets in Florida and elsewhere is relatively small. Why? Pets can cause damage that many landlords simply do not want to deal with after tenants move. As more people are moving to renting versus home buying, what can be done to negotiate a pet-friendly residential property lease?

Florida real estate sale: Co-owned property

There are various reasons why two or more people will want to put money toward buying a piece of real estate together in Florida or elsewhere. If you are in this type of situation, do not forget to make sure that your portion of the investment is legally protected. An experienced real estate attorney can help with the many different aspects of a partition real estate sale or purchase.

Florida probate litigation: part 5, conclusion

This final installment of this column's probate topic will discuss how long the probate process takes to complete. The truth is, probate litigation -- whether completed in Florida or elsewhere -- can take a bit of time. Every case is different.

What is the deal with living wills?

Whether one resides in Florida or elsewhere, there are numerous legal documents one might consider for end-of-life planning. There are so many, in fact, that some individuals may not understand why they might be important. Living wills are a good example. What is the deal with living wills? Why would anyone want to have one?

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